Merrie Loots Farm will provide sensitive and skilful care for the elderly in a warm and homely environment.  We identify inidivdual needs and requiresments and specialist care if given to each and every resident.  Residents with dementia are catered for and their needs assessed and provided for accordingly.  Our primary aim is to enable residents to live asnormally as possible after recognising their mental and physical states in a situation where their individuality, independenceand personal dignity are respected.  Our approach to redsidential care is to be positive and encourage our residents to use their facultiesd to maintain their independence and enjoy their lives as fully as possible.  We understand the need for staff who communicate well as many residentds have hearing and visual difficulties. 

We will achieve that through programmes of activities designed to encourge mental alertness, self esteem, social interaction with other residents and with recognition of the following core values of care which are fundamental to the philosophy of our home.



                                  CORE VALUES OF CARE


PRIVACY                                                                   DIGNITY                               RIGHTS


INDEPENDENCE                                                     CHOICE                              FULFILMENT