Our Registered Manager

Sharon McCarthy(Registered Manager)

Sharon has worked at Merrie Loots Farm for 25 years and has been in post as Registered Manager for 14 years gaining NVQ Registered Managers' Award and NVQ level 4 in care 12 years ago.  Her previous experience includes working in Mental Health, working for Social Services and being a Senior Carer at Merrie Loots.  Sharon is also a Dementia Champion, Dignity Champion and updates her training on a regular basis as well as ensuring all staff members do likewise.

The Staff Team

We have a long-standing staff team,some of who have ben here at Merrie Loots Farm for 20 years or more, complimented by our younger team members and our apprentices, who all help to give a balanced feel to the team. 

We also have a support staff of Cooks, Kitchen Assistants, Laundry Assistants and Housekeepers who provide a good back up for the care team.

Staff Team Meeting

Weekly Community Matron Meeting