Our first newly hatched chick.

Merrie Loots Farm is equiped to provide services for those needing to live in a residential care setting.  The home has an efficient Nurse Call System that will alarm in every bedroom,in communal areas and in bathrooms and toilets throughout the house, and also provides bed sensors for those unable to use the nurse call system.  There is a lift for use by residents and staff connecting the 2 floors of the home and providing easy access to the upper floor.  There are 4 bathrooms in total, each with specialist equipment to assist residents at bath time, and 1 of these bathrooms is soon to be updated to a wet room with a shower.  There are accessibility aids (handrails etc.) throughout the house and wheelchair access throughout, together with a range of aids for mobility and comfort which include ramps to outside areas, grab rails, walking frames and a variety of different hoists.   There are points to provide TV ariel access in residents bedrooms and a private BT telephone line may be installed if required (at a cost to the resident).  We also have internet access available for those who wish to use this facility. 

We do always ensure that Merrie Loots is maintained to the highest standard with the enphasis on health & safety and cleanliness.

Outside in the grounds we provide a secure environment for all residents including those living with dementia and we have a large patio area, with permanent gazebo, to enable meals, activities and entertainments to be carried out in this area during the summer months.  For many, sitting outside on the decking under the gazebo with a cup of tea, watching sheep graze, to the background sound of doves cooing and wild bird song is relaxing and enjoyable.

We also have a "Home Farm" which includes chickens (with their own home grown chicks!), 2 goats, 3 rare breed sheep, 1 alpacas and 1 pony.  There are also seating and planted areas for residents to sit out (and help with a little gardening if they want to).  Seating and pic-nic areas have been developed also to encourage meaningful visits by family and friends should they wish to provide "a day in the country" feel. We recognise that this project may not appeal to everyone but the facility is there for those who do wish to use it and our experience of the project is that it provides a talking point for a lot of people as there is always something going on i.e. sheep shearing, chicks hatching etc.

View from the decking.

Keeping the animals warm during the winter!!

A cosy spot to sit out of the sun.